8 essential elements of a Facebook campaign

8 задължителни елемента на всяка Facebook кампания от Speedflow Bulgaria

It’s already 2017 and there is no point talking about the Internet and social networks as if they are some new phenomenon. Most likely each one of you has a Facebook (probably that’s where you’ve come across this article) using it for your personal purposes. As an essential part of digital marketing, Facebook is also looking ahead and made efforts in becoming more accessible and popular in business circles too. Today we will talk about the effect of ads on your Facebook campaign and the elements that are essential to their success.


1. Clear goal


Once you decide it’s time to have a Facebook campaign there is always the possibility of simply “boosting” a certain post, which will inevitably have “some” success. To maximize it, you’ll need to fine-tune the details and that starts with defining your goals. The “right” way is always different whether you’re looking for an increase of conversions, traffic to your site, or simply a promotion of your page. This is why Facebook constantly updates its “Ads Manager” and adds new options and ad formats that are suitable for every budget.


2.Target audience


Before targeting your clients, it’s a good idea to get to know their behavior, to find out who they are, how old are they, whether they are positioned in your city or across the country, what are their interests. Once you’ve defined these variables, you just have to input them. Don’t forget the word “relevance”. If you already know your target audience through Facebook Pixel or other tracking tools, you won’t have to go through so much hassle. Custom Audience is the key factor to keep track of.


3.Time positioning


Despite the popularity of Facebook, people do not spend their entire day in it. This happens on average for about 2 hours a day and, as you can guess, at different times. Find out when your audience is active and target your ad during this time period. You can make an interesting experiment and run your ads 1-2 hours BEFORE the ideal time period to avoid competition and risk your ad being lost among many others.


4. Call to action


A well-known term in the eCommerce business, sales, and marketing. Each ad application needs a “Call to Action” type text/button. There is a subconscious influence of the phrasing, whether it is “Get a Discount …”; “Buy now!” or “Subscribe!” Is a must-have for every Facebook campaign because it’s the driving force that pushes the user to the final purchase!




The bigger the budget, the more people will see your ad. This is a valid general conclusion, but when we have cash limit, we have to figure out how to spend it in the best way. You have 2 main options: cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPI).
You can distribute your budget by day and target specific audiences. It is a good idea to constantly monitor your budget and adjust it when necessary.


6.Fine tune Ads


As already mentioned, Facebook constantly updates its platform. Along with that, all the little details related to ad creation in social media are being automated more and more. You can now choose from the following types:



Each ad has its own technical differences about image size, proper dimensions and their correct setting, which can make-or-brake your Facebook campaign.


7.Testing and optimization


Good marketing practice is to create and test 2-3 variations of the ad. Use a different design, text, and message with slight changes in audience and interests. It is advisable to start with a small budget. Test different options. Analyze the data and determine the best set to achieve optimal performance. This will increase the chance for your ad to be seen by more people in their News Feed.
Needless to say part of the successful Ad is also the branding element or, in other words, the name of the company, product or service.


8. Customer satisfaction first


So far so good. Everything is ready, the ad is out there, you are accumulating the first likes and shares, getting first Inquiries. Traffic to your site is increasing.
Going for full success, the advertising campaign must end with well-served and satisfied customers. This means you have to check your resources – enough staff, a well-optimized system or a fast site. This is a great opportunity to turn the satisfied client into an ambassador for your brand. Which means only one thing – productivity and success of your advertising campaign!

Good luck!

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