Digital marketing – what is it and how can I benefit?

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The ways people interact with each other have changed dramatically over the last few years since online media became a big part of our daily lives. That brought a need for fresh business strategies and customer relations. Meet the solution for those needs – Digital Marketing!


What is digital marketing?


The emergence and development of the Internet forced the business to evolve, digitize, and adapt to the new conditions. This phenomenon also affected marketing and advertising, as standard advertising channels. Strategies and tactics were no longer efficient enough to promote a particular type of business brand.


But what exactly does digital marketing mean?


This is a specific set of techniques that use digital channels for advertising or in other words – the Internet. It reaches the widest possible audience online, using different advertising methods and channels for this purpose.


At the beginning of the millennium, WEB 2.0 appeared, with concepts such as search engines, bots, artificial intelligence, process automation, virtual reality, and many others. Now the Internet continues to evolve in a clear direction – a collaboration with users. The digital marketing fundamentals also went through several metamorphoses, which continue rolling to this day.


Then came the uprising of Social Media. And the online audience formed a contingent of potential clients. Business was quick to navigate this situation and adopt new ways of advertising – paid and organic. When a digital marketing specialist hears the words “Advertising Campaign“, he immediately thinks of a few things: Product, target audience, budget/cost, result, and optimization.


Optimization and design


Attracting targeted traffic to a particular website, whether it’s an online store, an information site or a personal blog, must be accompanied by well-optimized content and intriguing design. This applies to both landing pages and all other product and info pages. After all, who would like to be caught in the following situation:


You are running a successful ad campaign. The incoming traffic is increasing, but your site is slow and difficult to navigate. Users do not spend time on it. As a result, the advertising campaign becomes completely ineffective. Your costs are not justified, and you miss the possibility of new sales.


No one likes to stumble right at the finish line, right?


Targeting and Retargeting


As technology evolves, various tools are made available for gathering comprehensive information from consumers, helping us to segment them more appropriately through their tastes and interests.


Through the so-called “Cookies” we can understand more about the behavior of our visitors. This online information consists of extensive data such as viewed sites, searches, follow-up ads, and more.


In retargeting we use the information about the users’ tastes and needs to remind our potential clients about our services.


When you target and advertise, your goal is clear – to satisfy the needs of a particular group of people for a particular product or service. So let the message be individual and personal. This way your offer has a greater chance of being seen and considered.


Think big!


Nowadays it’s almost unthinkable not to be online! How else would someone from another city understand that you have a business? That you are providing a particular type of product or service? “Mouth-to-mouth” advertising is really useful, but it’s often not enough.

So think big! Plan your online marketing strategy and prepare a long-term action plan. Start with building a corporate website and optimizing it. Start collecting and create an email list for email campaigns. Participate in social networks. Positive results will certainly come faster than you think after knowing what is digital marketing!

Positive results will certainly come faster than you think, after knowing what is digital marketing and how to do it!

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Digital marketing – what is it and how can I benefit?
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