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AboutThe Client

CValue is an online platform that unites employers and candidates from around the globe. It helps employers find the right candidates for their job listings by means of video interviews and video CV. This is a unique way that eases the whole recruitment process providing virtual space for employers and prospective employees get a chance to meet “in person” irrespective of their location and time zone.

Speedflow Bulgaria team stepped in to develop and optimize the existing CValue website and build a new digital strategy for the brand. We worked on the backend to improve the whole logic of the platform and created a nice and clean web interface. This new online space has become a great meeting spot for employers and candidates ensuring a simple and fast interaction between them.

Our developers also added new features to the CValue mobile application and optimized the old ones. We managed to craft an excellent user interface design aimed at the better engagement of the target audience. Now the app is available for both Android and iOS users. It is simple to use and at the same time has all the necessary key features to provide the best user experience for employers and candidates. We are proud to help CValue make the best out of their digital presence. The whole project was completed within 8 months.

Cvalue платформа и приложение screenshot 1
Cvalue платформа и приложение screenshot 2
Cvalue платформа и приложение screenshot 3

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