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AboutThe Client

FoodLab provides safety and quality checks for food and beverages at the request of private companies and manufacturers in and around Macedonia. We are delighted to have succeeded in ticking all the expectation boxes of our client for their new website.

After capturing the pulse of our client’s wants and devising a plan, we got to work and produced a WordPress website, which clearly lists and describes the services the laboratory provides. The implemented CMS system allows the content of the website to be updated by the site administrators whenever is needed. This makes it easy to add new information in case of future changes to the types of tests and food tested.

Our team also optimized the content and code. The result is a fast loading, visually-appealing website, which reflects the nature of our client’s business and stands in an excellent position to be ranked well in the search engines.

FoodLab уебсайт screenshot 1
FoodLab уебсайт screenshot 2
FoodLab уебсайт screenshot 3

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