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AboutThe Client

The Bulgarian company Bulgarian White Shells specializes in the export of wildly caught Black sea white sand shellfish Tellina, whelks, and sprats. It is the first company on the Balkans to get a certificate for quality and control in full compliance with all European regulations.

Our Team created for BWS an attractive and modern looking website targeted to the international market only. One of the biggest requirements was the website design to be focused on professional product images. Therefore, our team organized and did a special product photography photo shoot – both of the raw white sand shellfish and of several perfectly cooked traditional Italian and French seafood meals.

The whole project was completed within 15 working days and the result – an attractive website with an intuitive and responsive design.

Bulgarian White Shells (BWS) - Скрийншот 1
Bulgarian White Shells (BWS) - Screenshot 2
Bulgarian White Shells (BWS) - Screenshot 3

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