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AboutThe Client

Our Team needed to upgrade the website of our parent company – Speedflow. The old communications website was not up with the company’s vision of looking into the future, so it needed a refresh.

The project included full redesign and restructuring of the existing outlook as well as adding absolutely fresh content. They needed a clear focus to their main products and services as well as a stylish outlook to engage the visitors.

The old Joomla platform was dropped out in favor of a customized WordPress theme in a calming white color scheme. Speedflow is always counting on a business outlook with a human touch so this was a leading principle in the whole concept.

Speedflow Communications Уебсайт - Бизнес решения - скрийншот 1
Speedflow Communications Уебсайт - Бизнес решения - скрийншот 2
Speedflow Communications Website by Speedflow Bulgaria - screenshot 3

Used technologies and services

PHP програмиране от Speedflow Bulgaria