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AboutThe Client

A foreign partner of ours needed an online marketplace to add to their chain of physical shops. The project was for a military E-shop and it needed to attract a more male-centric audience. Big visuals and video content were used to attract a bigger audience.

One special feature the client insisted on for the Sputnik website, was the role-based price display. This meant that different categories of users needed to see a different price when logged in their account. So separate order steps and logic needed to be applied to the marketplace.

Sputnik E-shop is based on a WordPress + WooCommerce combination. Images and videos are optimized to ensure an optimal website speed. The color scheme was picked to reflect the more “military” outlook for the business and complement its purpose.

Електронен магазин Sputnik-Gear от Speedflow Bulgaria - скрийншот 1
Електронен магазин Sputnik-Gear от Speedflow Bulgaria - скрийншот 2
Sputnik-Gear E-shop by Speedflow Bulgaria - screenshot 3

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