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Another segment of the multilayered taxi project was a mobile application, which drivers will have installed on tablets in their cabs. The app needed to be multifunctional and easy to use but also to be able to establish a Bluetooth connection with a hardware device which keeps all the data for proper accountability.

The mobile app allows drivers to directly register through their tablet device. They create a driver profile and can add various extras. A direct connection with dispatch is maintained for efficient order allocation and zone distribution. Drivers also had to have an option to accept future reservation while on a current one.

The result of our work was a native Android app that certainly exceeded expectations. Initial tests came out with very positive feedback.

Такси Мобилно приложение - Speedflow Bulgaria - Уеб услуги - Скрийншот 1
Такси Мобилно приложение - Speedflow Bulgaria - Уеб услуги - Скрийншот 2
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