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AboutThe Client

Our client has been into cactus farming for many years before they decided they can turn a hobby into a profitable business. This is why they needed a place to connect with their audience. Offering them a huge variety of products, neatly organized in an online store.

Cactus Online Shop is a neat multi-vendor marketplace where you can buy, or register to sell everything cactus-related. The registration process is very smooth and simplified. Vendors have various options to showcase their products. Apart from the direct trade, you can also participate in auction-based deals, where multiple vendors compete for the best price.

Cactus Online Shop used a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce to fulfill the clients’ requirements. The effortless integration between the two, making them a preferred solution for similar projects. The new website has been realized in a minimum time frame. And there are open options to add more functionalities.

Онлайн магазин Cactus Shop от Speedflow Bulgaria - скрийншот 1
Онлайн магазин Cactus Shop от Speedflow Bulgaria - скрийншот 2
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