Taxi Web Application

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AboutThe Client

For the needs of our taxi company client, we have developed a taxi web application to optimize their work processes. The application needed to be very simple and intuitive. It consists of 2 modules – one for dispatch operators and one for drivers.

We integrated a lot of features and reports needed in this project. The smooth communication between dispatch and drivers needed to be secured, as well as enough information to swiftly distribute taxis to their client location. Drivers needed to have a module where they will not only accept orders but also avoid any wrong charging.

The taxi web application was developed by our R&D Team. Using PHP and Laravel we took care of all client settings and requests – maps, pricing, extras, marketing campaigns. This automates the whole taxi order process for the end user and ensures a fast and comfortable ride.

Tакси Уеб приложение - Дигитални услуги от Speedflow Bulgaria - скрийншот 1
Такси Уеб приложение - Дигитални услуги от Speedflow Bulgaria - скрийншот 2
Taxi web Application by Speedflow Bulgaria - screenshot 3

Used technologies


PHP програмиране от Speedflow Bulgaria


Laravel програмиране от Speedflow Bulgaria