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AboutThe Client

AdCharge is a mobile advertising app, developed to help both telecoms and advertisers. So they expand their market reach and become a better digital services provider. Its main purpose is to ensure a new communication channel that connects companies with their end clients. Therefore, it had to be easy to integrate with telecom platforms and launch across a huge network of users.

The AdCharge website had to have a clean design. With a beautiful color scheme that is easy-on-the-eye. Advertisers and Telecoms have separate pages which best explain how they can benefit from the application. Smooth and straightforward – that is what the experience needed to be!

The website was created using the WordPress platform. The client did not have any complicated requests. The most important thing was to put on speed and clean design. This part of the project was completed in a week time.

AdCharge мобилно приложение - Уебсайт от Speedflow - Дигитални услуги 1
AdCharge мобилно приложение - Уебсайт от Speedflow - Дигитални услуги 2
AdCharge Website by Speedflow Bulgaria - Digital services provider - screenshot 3

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