An app developed by Speedflow was featured on bTV

bTV с репортаж за мобилно приложение разработено от Speedflow Bulgaria

Speedflow Team is happy to share with you all the exciting news about a project we recently developed for one of our clients. The HealthyKid Sofia app is getting a lot of media attention, being featured not only in popular online magazines and newspapers but also on TV. bTV news made a report about it explaining the benefits of this new technology. We invite you to watch the video below for additional information.


Moreover, our team is extremely proud and happy to be a part of such an amazing social project that is by no means created for commercial purposes. It is solely and completely dedicated to providing valuable information to families, whose children need immediate medical help. We are happy that the hard work we have put into realizing our clients’ dreams is getting such a positive feedback. Many people have already started using the app and are finding it extremely helpful and ground-breaking.  That is what happens when you combine a great idea with a cutting-edge technology for a perfect finish.

Feel free to contact our team at if you are looking for a reliable partner to complete any of your software projects. We will be as excited about your ideas as you are!

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