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We invite you to have a look at our latest video: an overview of Speedflow Bulgaria’s mobile app development services.

We understand that investing in a mobile app may be a financially hard-hitting decision but the benefits of having one are hard to ignore.

Over 200 billion app downloads happen every year. Smartphone users predominantly use mobile apps to access the Internet. Over $492 billion is generated annually by apps.

Strikingly, this seems to be just the beginning. Researches are in agreement that mobile apps are set to penetrate more and more aspects of modern-day life in the coming decade.

Businesses are not the first, and will not be the last, to come to terms with this realisation. More and more of them are taking advantage of the value-boosting, revenue-producing qualities of mobile apps. Companies recognize that apps can increase their profit, provide a global reach and cater to their customer relations.

Apps’ appeal has not remained unnoticed for people with ideas worth spreading too. People are increasingly engaging with development of apps to spread social awareness for things they care about or to promote welbeing and other lifestyle improvements.

Gaming is, by no means, trailing behind. The app gaming industry has laid serious claims on the market share. According to Statista, gaming apps generate a whopping $53 billion a year, a figure which is set to rise to $60 billion by 2023.

The benefits of having a mobile app are way too many to ignore. We merely ask you not to brush them aside without proper consideration.

To gain an overview insight of our mobile app development services, please take a look at our latest video:

If you want to join this revolution and are looking for a quality app development team, Speedflow Bulgaria has the know-how and excellent prices to help you do it.

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